Rapeseed and Canola Oil: Production, Processing, Properties, and Uses

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Roy, M. Biodiesel production and comparison of emissions of a DI diesel engine fueled by biodiesel-diesel and canola oil-diesel blends at high idling operations. Thiyam-Hollaender, Usha; Eskin, N. Canola and rapeseed : production, processing, food quality, and nutrition. Dufour, J.

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Zhu, Z. Efficient production of biodiesel from rapeseed oil deodorizer distillate: One-pot esterification and transesterfication with compound lipases.

Advances in Energy Science and Technology, Pts Rajaeifar, M. Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of biodiesel production from rapeseed in Iran. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. Kiriliauskaite, V. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management.

El-Enin, S. In-situ transesterification of rapeseed and cost indicators for biodiesel production. Herrmann, I. Potential for optimized production and use of rapeseed biodiesel. Based on a comprehensive real-time LCA case study in Denmark with multiple pathways. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.

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Nosheen, A. Meng, Y. Gasol, C. A life cycle assessment of biodiesel production from winter rape grown in Southern Europe. Jang, M. Biodiesel production from crude canola oil by two-step enzymatic processes. Goembira, F. Biodiesel production from rapeseed oil by various supercritical carboxylate esters. Issariyakul, T. Comparative kinetics of transesterification for biodiesel production from palm oil and mustard oil.

Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. Zakaria, R.

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Shin, J. Effects of ultrasonification and mechanical stirring methods for the production of biodiesel from rapeseed oil. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering. Akbin, M. Production of biodiesel catalyzed by immobilized thermomyces lanuginose lipase from canola oil: process optimization using response surface methodology. New Biotechnology.

Shin, H. Statistical optimization for biodiesel production from rapeseed oil via transesterificaion in supercritical methanol. Ahmad, M. Yucel, Y. Biodiesel production from canola oil using immobilized lipase. Qiu, F. Biodiesel production from mixed soybean oil and rapeseed oil.

Dangers of Rapeseed: Canola Oil

Rao, B. Carbon-based solid acid catalyst from de-oiled canola meal for biodiesel production. Catalysis Communications. Mikkola, H. Energy consumption in barley and turnip rape cultivation for bioethanol and biodiesel RME production. Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Lipase immobilization and production of fatty acid methyl esters from canola oil using immobilized lipase. Fore, S. Net energy balance of small-scale on-farm biodiesel production from canola and soybean. Gog, A.

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Production and Characterization of Biodiesel from Rapeseed Oils. Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Chemia. Production of biodiesel and lactic acid from rapeseed oil using sodium silicate as catalyst. Tofan, L. Hossain, A. Biodiesel fuel production from waste canola cooking oil as sustainable energy and environmental recycling process. Australian Journal of Crop Science.

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  • Ruslandi, F. Biodiesel Production from Greenseed Canola Oil. Ren, Y. Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy. Vlad, E. Revista De Chimie. Egues, I. Hemicelluloses obtaining from rapeseed cake residue generated in the biodiesel production process. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. Impacts of alcohol type, ratio and stirring time on the biodiesel production from waste canola oil.


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    Dizge, N. Biodiesel production from canola oil by using lipase immobilized onto hydrophobic microporous styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer. Liu, Y.

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    Biodiesel production from rapeseed deodorizer distillate in a packed column reactor. Chemical Engineering and Processing. McKinnon, J. Comparison of canola and mustard presscake from biodiesel production as protein sources for growing cattle. Canadian Journal of Animal Science. Lim, Y. Ilgen, O. Turkish Journal of Chemistry.